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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  February 24, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the incident was not intentional, but that it is not stopping -- that is not stopping the anti-american anger and deadly riots taking place across afghanistan. two u.s. soldiers were killed yesterday during that rioting. and newt gingrich is now criticizing the obama administration for apologizing to afghan authorities for the koran burning. the republican presidential hopeful calls the apology "astonishing" and the "undeserved." he says president karzai owes the u.s. an apology for the deaths of the two u.s. soldiers. gingrich also accused president obama of failing in his duty as commander in chief by "appeasing radical islamists." this morning, another local school is dealing with a norovirus outbreak. howard university says a number of students report having symptoms. the school is asking students and staff to take extra precautions so they don't get sick. earlier this month, george washington university dealt with an outbreak, and last week the
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virus closed an elementary school in westmoreland county, virginia. our temperature, 55 degrees. the thermometer no doubt stunned by yesterday's activity. what a delightful day that was. wow. >> spent all afternoon outside, as much as i could. >> yeah, you and about everybody else, too. the toe path was packed. the hiking and piking trails packed yesterday. today is going to be a day of some wild weather changes. look at the radar right now. we have some showers and, yes, thunder and lightning in west virginia. that area of orange and yellow. that is some thunder and lightning now coming through western and north central west virginia. now it's advancing to the east. the leading edge of rain coming into the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, into washington county. moving to the east. so over the next couple of hours, we may get showers coming toward the metro area and quite likely we will. maybe even with thunder and lightning. ahead of that, temperatures now are in the 40s to near 50
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degrees. mid 40s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. and it's in the low to mid 50s in southern maryland, eastern shore. low 40s farther to our west. later today, strong winds developing later this afternoon. we are going to have wind gusts to 60 miles per hour in that area in pink. and farther to the east, we could have gusts to 50 miles per hour. that will be late this afternoon and this evening. here's the day planner, sunrise will be at 6:48. we'll have -- after the morning showers, sun breaking out mid morning to midday. by then, near 70. may hit mid 70s early afternoon. then more storms may come in late afternoon when the winds will increase. they'll continue into tonight. a look at the friday evening planner in ten minutes. danella? good morning. taking the trip along i-270, nice and quiet as you make your way southbound and head to the spur. let's take the trip together. 66 miles per hour southbound in germantown. approaching rockville, 64 miles per hour. really not seeing any major issues for you at all. a live look now as you make your
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way toward the spur southbound. travel lanes look really good. travel speed, 59 miles per hour. only taking three minutes to get from the spur and connect to the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at traffic. happy friday. back to you. >> all right. thank you. happy friday to you. and this morning, a new poll shows rick santorum gaining popularity with republican women shorts. santorum is making gains for his opposition to birth control and abortion. the new "washington post" poll shows his favor ability rating among women moved up 13 points since january to 57%. republican women voters still like mitt romney better. his favorability rating is 61%, which has not changed much during the race. newt gingrich is a distant third at 37%. that has dropped about 3 points in just the last two months. seven states are taking legal action to block an obama administration mandate on birth control. it requires religious-affiliated institutions such as hospitals and universities to pay for
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contraception in their health care policies. the lawsuit alleges that the new rule violates the first amendment's protection from government intrusion on religious rights. the obama administration has said it will shift the requirement from the employers to health insurers themselves. the states joining include nebraska, florida, michigan, ohio, south carolina, and texas. a virginia bill that would define human life as starting at conception has been tabled for a year. the state senate voted to send the so-called person hood bill back to committee and carry it over to 2013. it would make it illegal to destroy embryos and outlaw almost all abortions. some forms of contraception would be banned, as well. it would only take effect if the supreme court ruling that legalized abortions, though, is overturned. d.c. police are on the hunt for a gunman who they say shot and killed a man in northeast washington. it happened last night at 10th and gallatin. the suspect shot the man in the head. he later died at a local
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hospital. police have not released any information on a possible suspect. d.c. residents are becoming concerned by a recent uptick in robberies in the district. armed robberies are up 106% through the first month and a half compared to last year. and last night ward three residents met with police chief lanier to discuss the issue. some are considering getting a gun to fight back. the chief says d.c. police are doing everything they can to help those -- help stop the robberies from happening. >> we have attacked this problem from every side. we've attacked it from uniformed presence to presence with undercovers from, you know, decoy operations and bait operations and going after -- we've attacked it from every side. >> chief lanier added that they're working with montgomery county police and hope to make a major announcement soon regarding the rash of robberies. one of the jurors who convicted george huguely in the death of his former girlfriend yeardley love says justice was
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served. he was convicted of second-degree murder and grand larceny on wednesday. juror ian glumsky tells news4, "i feel the jury did its job and that justice was served. we did the job the best we could." the jury recommended huguely serve 26 years in prison. a judge will consider that recommendation at huguely's formal sentencing hearing in april. the defense team says it is considering filing an appeal. the president of the university of maryland university sclej on indefinite leave. the chancellor of the system is giving no reason for susan aldridge's leave. the spokesman calls the news a surprise. she's led the school since 2006. umuc is the largest public university in the country. it has more than 90,000 students. many of them live overseas and take classes on line. a battle over labor unions could cost the dulles rail project millions in funding from virginia. the general assembly passed legislation that bans the state from giving money to projects
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that discriminate against contractors who don't use union labor. the metropolitan washington airport's authority which is overseeing the construction of the dulles rail project plans to give a bidding advantage to contractors who voluntarily agree to use union labor on the second phase of this construction. a new proposal would stiff indrunk driving law -- stiffen drunk driving laws. anyone who is found drunk driving would have to install a breathalyzer which is attached to the vehicle. the house judiciary committee will review the proposal by montgomery county delegate sam aurora. the ambulance used by an alexandria paramedic who died on the job is back on the street. joshua weisman died while responding on a crash on interstate 395. he fell through an opening in the overpass and landed 20 feet below in a rocky creek bed. weissman was a seven-year
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veteran. he was 33 years old. 4:37. ahead this friday, crazy crowds trying to get their hands on a hot new pair of nike shoes. pandemonium at a maryland mall that's trending nationwide on twitter. plus, looking to use a get out of jail free card. why michael jackson's doctor says he should be released from prison. brace yourself for a wild weather day.
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good morning. time for weather & traffic on the 1s at 4:41 on this friday morning. overnight showers, thunder and lightning, southern maryland, eastern shore. now we have more coming into the mountains. the radar locally showing sprinkles in montgomery, into loudoun county and southern howard county. sprinkles in fairfax county, as well. lighter rain in the northern shenandoah valley and panhandle of west virginia. some approaching the metro area the next couple of hours. ahead of that, low to mid 40s much of the region except right in washington where it's near 50 as well as prince george's county, southern maryland, eastern shore. northern neck, mid to upper 50s. all these counties in pink under a high wind warning for later today. gusts to 60 miles per hour just to the west of the i-95 corridor. especially up in the higher ridges. we'll have temperatures climbing to near 60 by mid morning. near 70 by noontime.
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could get more thunderstorms late afternoon. those winds will really pick up tonight. here's your evening planner. winds gusting to 50 miles per hour. and temperatures down to near 50 by midnight. a look at the weekend and next week in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? really good traveling i-95 in virginia. not seeing any issues. light volume and no accidents to report as you make your way out of dale city and connect to the beltway. a live look at the occoquan. northbound travel lanes are open. southbound nice and clear at this time. northbound travel speed, you're at 62 miles per hour. only taking 11 minutes to get from the occoquan to the beltway. and if you continue on to 395, nice and clear at duke street. northbound, no issues. same thing southbound. no problems at all. your travel speed northbound, 61 miles per hour. only taking 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the 14th street bridge. i'm back in ten. back to you all. >> danella, thank you very much. 4:42. 55 degrees. still to come, the snowfall has been all but nonexistent around
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the d.c. area. it doesn't mean states are saving money. why maryland says it has nearly used up its entire snow-removal budget. >> huh? plus, new legal problems for a bad boy singer. it's such a tough...
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welcome back. the release of a new basketball sneaker led to this chaotic scene overnight in florida. according to "the orlando sentinel," more than 100 police officers were called in to this mall near orlando to break up a rowdy crowd. some officers were in riot gear. the scene comes as orlando hosts this year's nba all-star game this weekend. and shoe fanatics are lined up outside stores across the country for the new nike galaxy foam-posite one. tracee wilkins joins us live
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from the mall at prince george's where some have been in line for more than 24 hours. that's quite a shoe. i wonder if it's living up to the hype. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, i think this is the shoe that can actually catapult you into space and help you to walk on air or something like that. i mean, yes, folks are waiting for the nike foam-posite. this is a huge deal for people in line. this is now the mall at prince george's, but it used to be pg plaza. that's what's trending on twitter. p.g. plaza is trending nationally on twitter. take a look behind me here. and you can see that they have a large crowd here. and it keeps growing. people keep coming to the mall. i just spoke with police here. hyattsville police and mall security have told me that the sale is off. they are not selling the shoes here today. footlocker decided to cancel it. they're not going to be distributing any tickets, and that was the idea, that they'd be distributing tickets to folks and that some people would be allowed to go in and get these shoes that are not available yet on a wide level.
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so a lot of people here not believing that that's the case. we talked with one person who's still in line saying that they want to wait and see. here's what he had to say. >> i'm waiting for the foam-posites. i don't think anybody's getting them. i hear there's only 50 pairs. some people lie. i don't know. i want to make sure for myself, you know. >> reporter: so we talked to one gentleman who came from baltimore because he was so desperate to get hold of these shoes. that guy who you heard from is actually collecting these shoes. every time they come out with a new one, he waits to get a pair. people are standing by here and so are police. they're paying close attention to the crowd and making sure it doesn't get out of control. a lot of disappointed shoppers when they find out and believe that footlocker is saying they're not going to give away tickets or give out the shoes today. back to you in the studio. >> you can see how crowded it is by seeing all the cars in the parking lot this time of day. thank you very much. we'll check in with you in a
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bit. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the coordinated twhax killed dozens of people in iraq. yesterday several attacks occurred in 12 different cities, most of them targeting police officers. al qaeda officials say the bombings and shootings were in response to what they felt was unfair treatment of sunni men and women. iraqi lawmakers say the attacks were aimed to cause sectarian violence and to prevent an upcoming arab league meeting from taking place. syrian president bashar al assad is expected to receive an ultimatum today. either agree to a cease-fire or step down. an international conference including the united states, europe, and arab nations is meeting in tunisia to discuss options against syria. assad is accused of unleashing government forces against rebels, allegedly killing as many as 4,000 people. meanwhile, former u.n. secretary general kofi annan has been appointed as the envoy on the crisis by the u.n. and the arab league. michael jackson's former personal physician who was sentenced to four years in prison for causing the pop
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singer's death in 2009 will be in court today. dr. conrad murray will ask a judge to let him out of jail while he works on his appeal. murray was convicted in november of involuntary manslaughter. murray's lawyer says his client also needs to find a job to help support his seven children. the 9-year-old accused of accidently shooting a classmate in washington state might face criminal charges. the boy appeared in juvenile court yesterday, and a judge set his bail at $50,000. police say he brought a gun to school earlier this week, and it fired while inside his backpack, critically injuring a girl in his class. washington state law says children can face criminal charges if they have the capacity to understand what they did was wrong. a capacity hearing will be held in two weeks. the man accused of killing his wife while on their honeymoon in australia is a free man. a judge dismissed the case against gabe watson, saying prosecutors failed to present sufficient evidence. watson was accused of intentionally drowning his wife
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on their honeymoon eight years ago. watd son spent 18 months in an australian prison after pleading guilty to a manslaughter charge in the same case back in 2009 before he was brought back to the united states and tried in alabama. penn state says it has received a federal subpoena related to former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. the school says federal prosecutors are looking for information about sandusky. a charity for children he founded, the university, and three administrators. penn state says it can't provide more details about the subpoena because of an ongoing investigation into sandusky. he's charged with molesting ten days. sandusky denies any wrongdoing. well, the john edwards sex tape may never go public after all. after a lawsuit -- rather, under a lawsuit settlement between edwards' former mistress, rielle hunter and aide andrew young, copies of the tape must be destroyed within 30 days. hunter lived with young and his wife while she was pregnant with edwards' baby.
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she sued the youngs over the tape and other personal items. the couple claims she abandoned them in a box of trash. the louisa county high school will receive millions of dollars from the federal government to help rebuild from last summer's earthquake. fema is giving the school $19 million to help rebuild. that's a little less than half of the $43 million needed to complete construction. insurance money as well as local and state funding will help pay the remaining balance. fema recently awarded millions of dollars to help rebuild the elementary school in louisa county and to homeowners in the area, as well. this story might have you scratching your head. despite the warm weather we've seen, the state of maryland says almost all of its snow-removal budget is gone. >> what? >> the state highway administration reports using $30 million of its $36 million budget. where's all the money gone? a baltimore station reports that highway crews have gone out 14 times this winter. but did they get rid of all the salt? also, western maryland has seen about seven feet of snow this
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winter. colorado can finally start digging out of a mass of storm there. a huge winter storm is moving out of the area, but not before causing all sorts of damage. multiple crashes caused part of the highway. residents are still without power after six inches of snow fell along with winds up to 90 miles per hour. while the snow is leaving, the high winds are sticking around for at least another day. >> ask tom, is that completely accurate? western maryland received seven feet of snow? >> yeah, garrett county, yeah. some of those -- >> the ski slopes are doing well? will. >> they've had their winter. but we haven't here. of course, every time we have one or two inches, perhaps we've had that several times, they have to treat the roads. here this morning, we're dealing with rain right now as we look at the radar. where you see the moving color, that is rain in west virginia and western maryland. the areas in yellow and orange, there's been thunder and lightning.
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closer to washington, the green, that is a zone of light rain in forecast from areas near mclean to reston, across the border to far southeastern loudoun county and across much of montgomery county. light sprinkles now. watch out, there may be roads there that are getting a little bit damp. light rain in the northern shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, where it's near 40 degrees. from the blue ridge east, we're in the mid 40s. near washington and fairfax and montgomery, arlington counties, near 50 at washington and in prince george's county. parts of southern maryland, mid to upper 50s as well as the eastern shore. all these counties in pink under a high wind warning. that's for later this afternoon. we could have gusts to 60 miles per hour. includes frederick county in maryland and virginia as well as the panhandle of west virginia, washington county, loudoun, madison, green to charlottesville. elsewhere, we could have gusts to 50 miles per hour. sunrise at 6:48. sun in and out after morning showers the next couple of hours. and then we'll perhaps get storms later this afternoon.
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but before that, it may climb to the low to mid 70s. then we'll have really strong winds continue into tonight. locally we could have gusts to around 40, maybe 50 miles per hour as we'll be down to near 50 degrees by dawn on saturday. then a windy and chilly day tomorrow. lows in the 30s in the morning, afternoon highs in the mid 40s or so. even colder on sunday with sunshine. milder into next week with sunshine, maybe rain on wednesday. how's traffic? good morning. if you're taking the beltway in prince george's county, checking things out for you. nothing but green in both directions on the inner loop and outer loop. no accidents, no major delays just yet. a live look if you're making your way past pennsylvania avenue. traveling on the outer loop, you're at 61 miles per hour, taking nine minutes to get from route 50 to i-95. taking the beltway in montgomery county, same story. very light volume, no accidents to report at this time. a live look at new hampshire avenue if you're crossing the outer loop. you're sign as well as the inner
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loop. back to you. >> thanks. time is 4:54. coming up, taking one of the world's biggest social media sites, why the owner of the orioles is taking facebook to court. first, putting his apology out there for all to see. the consequences facing a man if he didn't tell his ex-wife he was sorry on facebook. plus, a little extra spending money. the mega jackpot one area man won.
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welcome back. scary moment for the crew of a brazilian fire department helicopter. the chopper broke into pieces moments after it landed. look at that vibration. look at that. investigators believe a phenomena known as ground resonance is to blame. that happens when a helicopter continues to turn while the craft is on the ground. the torque apparently builds up. four people in the helicopter suffered some minor injuries. that thing shook itself to pieces. >> frightening. controversial grammy winner chris brown could go back to jail. a woman in florida claims he stole her phone. crystal span told miami police she spotted brown leaving a club sunday morning. she says she approached him and took a picture with her phone. that's when she claims he grabbed her phone and took off in his car. florida state attorney's office is preparing a warrant for brown's arrest on suspicion of robbery. this isn't brown's first time in trouble with the law. in 2009, brown admitted assaulting then-girlfriend
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rihanna at a pre-grammy awards party. he is currently serving five years of probation for that attack. a judge is ordering a man in ohio to post an apology on facebook or go to jail. mark byron says he was frustrated with his divorce and child visitation so he vented his frustration on facebook. somehow his wife saw the comments from him and his friends. a domestic relations court ruled the facebook comments violated a civil protection order against him. now byron has to post an apology every day for 30 days or spend 60 days in jail. >> ouch. >> there you go. that will teach you. >> will teach him. >> teach him, not you. >> please. thank you. >> sorry. the secret is out for a fairfax county man. he is now $1 million richer. >> yeah. jeffrey jones is the newest winner of virginia's lottery, the virginia lottery's cash blast. he bought the scratch-off ticket from a store on richmond highway. the truck driver told officials


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